What are the opinions about myvegas free coins app?

So we all know that it is better to get the opinions from users already using this app than reviewing the product ourself. We have asked a few hundreds of myvegas users to share their opinion about website: myvegasfreechips.net and they have completed our surveys:

Julian Celja: Why does the game skip the 5 of a kind in this photo? If it did not skip it I would of own a lot of chips/points/$ but it didn’t do that. Other times it only goes through the first 3 matching. Isn’t that why the wilds are in there, to match with which ever 1 is there to match. I at times do get all 5 but I been noticing it does not do that all the time. It just seems to me the game is on a preset instructions. Maybe it is told to not have you winning so much because if you did you would not need to go back and buy more chips. But thanks to myvegasfreechips you can generate free chips yourself.

Martina Sokrese: This is just too hard and not worry it. In the hundreds of hours I’ve played and thousands of rolls, I’ve probably had four good hits. Mostly though, its just nothing. I lost 150,000 chips in 24 hours betting 150 at a time. Cmon already. Just because incentive to play. Right now but lost 22,000 in 30 minutes beting 150. Do us all a favor, don’t show any rewards where they are sold out – just the current ones. It’s a pain and disappointment to see all the sold out rewards. Make it easier to see only current ones available. Thanks!

Keith Andel: What’s the deal with the rewards… they’re crap and no new cruises in months (sold out). What’s the point in accumulating points when there’s nothing to use them on… I’m sitting on nearly 2 mil points that I can’t use – get some cruises up! I generate my coins and spend in next day. Love and live the life!

So as you can see there are many and many players who already user the hack application to generate more coins and chips in this game. If you are not sure about it still then have one review more left:

Can I use a combination of comp room rewards during my visit to Las Vegas. For example can I purchase one comp room at one hotel and the next day use another comp room for another hotel,or is it that I can only reedem one comp room within a certain amount of days in-between? I already have 500 000 free coins and I want more! WOW!